The service system


For more than 20 years, the company operates in the field of customs warehousing and logistics outsourcing for goods destined for import and export. Shipyards International and customs officials, representing national and community importers / exporters, can count on well-equipped premises and highly professional services.

Dp Logistica focuses on the highest quality and attention to every detail with particular regard to a series of aspects:

  • management and handling of frozen and perishable products
  • quality and quantity control of products
  • management and accounting of rolls and pallets
  • delivery of products to customer warehouses
  • management return products
  • completely configurable stores for customers

Beside the service of the products at ambient temperature, the company has also developed the chain of cold management that, thanks to sophisticated technologies, allows to create cells that can keep the same cold chain unchanged, eliminating any chance of thermal shock. Also dedicated loading mouths, allow to bring the trucks under the fore in the anti cell area, operated at a temperature of -25 / -27 ┬░.